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Submitted By Mike - USM0015
On - 12/14/2013
  • 163104 SH-12 an F A-18B of VMFAT-101 (3216282992)
  • Aggressor F18B of Marine Fighter/Attack Training Squadron VMFAT-101 By Jerry Gunner from Lincoln, UK [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
  • VAS Challenge

    Posted by Justin Porter (VAS ACO)(IP) on 07/19/2014

    VAS is challenging all squadrons to a scrimmage. If you are a Squadron Commander and want your squadron to participate then send COL Porter or LTGEN Elliman an air mail and we will add it to the roster. We will be conducting this over the next few Saturdays. If you think your squadron is the best then put them to the test. The scrimmage will include dogfighting and carrier operations. You do not have to have tacpack or weapons to participate. The VAS CG will be overseeing the match ups. Come on squadrons, put your skills to the test.

    July 2014 Trivial Pursuit!

    Posted by Mike Shea (3rd MAW CG)(SCO) on 07/07/2014

    If you can answer this, YOU'RE HISTORY!  Well, OK, at least you know your USMC history...  5 bonus hours to all MAV pilots who can answer this month's trivia question. READ THE FORUMS!

    New VAS ACO

    Posted by Roy Elliman (VAS CG SCO CNO) on 05/15/2014

    It is with great pleasure that i , Gen R.Elliman , announce that VAS now has a new Assistant Commanding Officer ,Col Justin "Reaper " Porter , Justin has shown great skills and has great leadership qualities. His outstanding participation with in MAV has shown he is a natural for this positions .Justin will be working closely with me in the day to day running of the VAS Sqn. Stuart Green has been promoted to LtCol and is the VAS XO to Col Porter and my self. Well done Col Porter and LtCol Green .Keep up the good work sir's.

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